Is there also an iPhone version available?

Since the iPhone 4/5 unfortunately doesn’t have an NFC-feature, the “tap to log”-feature is impossible to implement on iOS. While the iPhone 6 does come with an NFC-chip, it is “locked down” by Apple and only works with Apple’s own services. However, we’ve developed an iOS app in which you can define recurring activities/food items/etc. and then tap the respective icon within the app to log it to your FitbitĀ® account. Click here to download the iOS app. If a future version of the iPhone does come with NFC, we’ll definitely add support for the “tap to log” feature!

What about Windows Phone?

FitTap runs on all Windows Phone 8 devices that support NFC! Click here to download the Windows Phone 8 version. Please note that if you want to use your own tags (with FitTap Pro for Windows Phone), you’ll need NDEF-formatted tags, because Windows Phone 8 devices can’t write to other tag types. Our own custom tags naturally work fine with Windows Phone!

Do I need to buy YOUR tags for the app to work?

Not at all! There is a “pro”-version available on Google Play for just $1.99 that lets you use virtually any re-writeable tag (MIFARE 1k/4k, Ultralight/C) that you already own with FitTap! Make sure the tags aren’t write-protected and back up anything that’s currently stored in them beforehand.